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Solid Flue's Chimney Lining SOLID/FLUE®
Chimney Systems, Inc.
Chimney Repair

"A Network of Chimney Lining Professionals"

Process Overview

SOLID/FLUE is a unique chimney lining system ideally suited to reline and restore old, damaged, or worn out chimney flues. The system was originally developed in Great Britain and has since been imported to North America by the original founder of SOLID/FLUE. It has been in use since 1979 and is now available through a system of authorized dealerships located across North America.

The system involves:

  • A thorough cleaning of the existing flue, and if needed, the clay tile is removed from the chimney
  • An inflatable rubber former is inserted into the chimney, properly spaced away from the chimney wall, and then inflated to the exact specifications needed for the installation
View of Solid Flue's Chimney Lining System
  • The lightweight, patented SOLID/FLUE material is pumped around the form

  • The material hardens overnight, and the form is removed the next day

The result is a one piece, seamless flue that strengthens and insulates the chimney providing protection to the structure for years to come.

For more information, please call: 616-940-8809

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