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Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes a Dangerous Chimney?
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Traditionally, chimneys are either unlined, or lined with clay tiles that break, crack, and weather with time. These conditions allow heat and fumes to transfer or escape into the home, sometimes with lethal consequences.

Condensation also damages many chimneys. Warm fumes cause condensation to form in the flues, and with years of use the moisture can destroy the brickwork or lining of the chimney.

Plus chimney fires, or lightning can destroy the brickwork and lining of a chimney.

Why is SOLID/FLUE the preferred method for restoring a chimney and fireplace?
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Because it is among the industry's absolute safest chimney lining products, and the only liner approved for installation in direct contact with combustible material in both the chimney and fireplace areas. SOLID/FLUE insulates and restores the entire chimney cavity for keeping fire and smoke in its place.

How much does a SOLID/FLUE liner cost?
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That depends on the size of the chimney, the number of fireplaces and appliances connected to the chimney and other factors. SOLD/FLUE is competitively priced with less safe chimney lining products, and far less expensive than replacing brickwork and masonry. Call 616-940-8809 or e-mail us today for an estimate from your local distributor/installer.

Will SOLID/FLUE prevent chimney fires?
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Proper cleaning, maintenance, and usage are the keys to preventing chimney fires. But SOLID/FLUE will drastically reduce the potential for chimney fires by properly sizing and insulating flues to provide optimal operating efficiency.

What type of heaters and appliances cause chimney problems?
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Nearly any type that isn't properly fitted for its chimney. Fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and even ultra efficient gas and oil furnaces can cause chimney problems if the flue fails to vent gases quickly and efficiently.

For more information, please call: 616-940-8809

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