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Chimney Systems, Inc.
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Insurance Coverage?

We install many SOLID/FLUE linings for homeowners which have been covered under their homeowner's policy. Typically, the policy stipulates that the chimney must be damaged by a "sudden occurrence" which usually refers to either a chimney fire occurring in the chimney and causing damage, or lightening striking the chimney. To determine if your damaged chimney is a legitimate claim, it will depend upon the nature of the claim and your policy terms.

When tragedy strikes, SOLID/FLUE is there. A national network of chimney maintenance professionals guarantees fast, effective work in times of emergency. Our service can restore a fire damaged chimney quickly with minimal inconvenience.

You should contact your local SOLID/FLUE distributor/professional so they can make an assessment of your particular situation. Click here for "Your Area Professional".

Chimney Fire Damaged
Notice the vertical crack and the cleanness of the crack. The clean crack indicates the fire that caused the damage was probably recent.

Possible Chimney Fire Damage This chimney is full of creosote from improper burning by the homeowner. A thorough cleaning and internal pictures with a Chim-Scan type unit should be taken to access the damage.

For more information, please call: 616-940-8809

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